Ile Alatau Mountains

Almaty – “city of apples”, “city of thousand colors”, “southern and cultural capital of Kazakhstan”, located in the very heart of Eurasia at the foothills of amazing snowy mountains Ile Alatau belong to the Northern spur of mighty Tien Shan. Fresh breath of glaciers, stern glance of massive rocky peaks, incredibly beautiful lakes, alpine meadows, flower fields, enchanting waterfalls, peaceful and mysterious forests, vast steppes, canyons and even deserts, it’s all will make you stay here to feel the nature spirit, it’s wilderness and soul.

Altay Mountains

The East of Kazakhstan is all about Majestic Altay with it’s cedars, cascades of waterfalls sparkling in the sun, dazzling mountain peaks, crystal clear mountain air, filled with the aroma of pine needles and herbs of alpine meadows, and of course, the main site and attraction of the region – powerful Belukha Mount (4506 m). According to the beliefs, an energy bridge connects Belukha with Everest. Here is the “navel” of the Earth, which is also energetically connected with the Cosmos, giving people a charge of vigor and health.

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