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Tuyuk-Su Soviet Trailer

Ugly on the outside, but warm and cozy on the inside. This can be said about a high- mountain trailer located on a moraine of Tuyuk-Su glacier at an altitude of almost 3400 meters, surrounded by massive rocky peaks and glaciers.

In the Soviet Union, these structures appeared for the first time as temporary housing for workers, due to the massive construction of houses, factories, enterprises and other organizations. They served as a place, where workers could rest, store their clothing, eat and spend time. A number of requirements were put forward for the living room.

The earliest versions were made from passenger railroad cars. The structure itself was durable and capable of creating comfortable conditions inside. After some time, the cars began to be equipped with construction cabins and more resemble small structures for living inside. Also, for convenience, wheels can be attached to the structure. Then the transportation is done effortlessly. In the USSR, in order to transport the car, it was necessary to spend a lot of effort and use heavy technical vehicles to load and deliver it to its destination.

Now this trailer serves as a shelter for mountain travelers, tourists, climbers, as well as backcountry lovers. The internal space of the room is divided into two sectors, one part is a bedroom with bunk beds, another one serves as a kitchen and dining room.

  • Altitude: 3375 meters
  • Remoteness from civilization: 6 km
  • Approach time from Almaty: 5-6 hours
  • Capacity: up to 8 people
  • Kitchen accessories: gas, cooking stove, dishes
  • Heating: wood and coal fired stove
  • Electricity: gasoline generator
  • Facilities: restroom is outside
  • Sewerage: not provided, outside portable washbasin
  • Drinking water source: snow melting
  • Bed linen: not provided
  • How to get: on foot, ski tour


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