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“Powder” – Pow (Pow-Pow): light, dry, fluffy snow referred to normally as powder. You can eat this all day long and never get full.

“Nomads” – being a Nomad, means enjoying freedom and independence. The nomadic life gives new experience continuously and involves learning on a full-time basis. Nomads exploit opportunities carrying out experiments, that opens up their minds. The nomadic lifestyle can be that of fun and games, but it involves giving up certainties and not getting too attached to a specific place and the things around.

The “Powder Nomads” project is about mountains, snow and freeriding, the ancient culture of Nomads, the atmosphere of wilderness and authenticity, about spirit of exploration and discovery, about the souls of skiers and snowboarders, who challenge and strive to learn absolute freedom in riding on snowy slopes.


The symbol of “Powder Nomads” embodies the nature, centuries-old culture and esprit of Nomads lived on the territory of Kazakhstan in ancient times and worshiped spirits of the mountains and sun gods. Summit is a prototype of the sacred mountain Khan-Tengri, which played a key role in the culture of ancient Turkic tribes, who inhabited Kazakhstan in 5-13th centuries. The rulers
were not elected by people, but by the Sky God Tengri, whose Kingdom, according to the belief of the Turks, was on the top of a Mighty Mountain. Blue color symbolizes honesty, loyalty and perfection. “Khan-Tengri” literally translates as Lord of the Sky, this peak is the highest in Kazakhstan and reaches height of almost 7000 meters. Sun and Golden Eagle – symbols of modern Kazakhstan, also imaged on the national flag. The golden eagle soaring under the sun embodies the strength of the state, its sovereignty and independence, striving for high goals and a sustainable future. Sun symbolizes wealth and abundance, life and energy, finds reflection in culture of ancient Saka tribes, who lived on the territory of Kazakhstan in 8-3 centuries B.C. and manifested Zoroastrianism as religion and worshiped the Sun God – Mitra, also known as the Sun-headed deity. Its image can be found on rock carvings of Bronze Age, which are spread widely in Almaty region. Saka warrior on horseback is the prototype of the ancient Golden Man, the young ruler of ancient Saka state. As a ruler, he was wearing a pointed cap on his head and holding a bow in his hands. Sakas were powerful warriors and skillful horseback riders, many legends have been written about them, including the one, that tells about the victory over the Persian king Cyrus. Kazakh ornament is one of the forms of specific artistic perception of the world in strict accordance with aesthetic tastes of the people. Representing the harmony of various shapes and lines, it reflects an inner world of the people. The symbols of the ornament resemble the ancient dwellings of the Kazakhs, “yurt” and swallows.

Why choosing us?


“Powder Nomads” – it is a team of professional guides who not only organize adventure tours in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, but also develop local ski touring culture and mountain tourism as a sport. We always learn something new, improve our skills, explore unknown locations, move ourselves further and share our passion to mountains and adventures with you.


We develop programs for participants with different level of training.

You can choose activity you like of combine: freeride, backcountry, ski touring, ski-mountaineering, hiking, trekking, horseback riding.

We conduct educational technical workshops and avalanche safety classes.

All participants of our tours become part of the Powder Nomads Community and get pleasant bonuses: professional photos and custom stickers and patches.

We find authentic accommodation options: yurts, home stays, mountain huts.

Delicious home cooking with hot meals even in the very wild conditions.

We will help organize interesting activities not only in the mountains, but also in the city.

All our guides are qualified specialists with many years of experience in skiing, working in the mountains and organizing tours at the highest level.

Alexandr Zadneprovskiy (Matrosov)

His smile could melt a radiator…

Riding experience: 30 years

Rank: Student of KMGA guiding school

Merits: participant and prize-winner of freeride non-proffessional competitions in Kazakhstan and Russia, completed three courses in Russian school of ski technique ipmroving and one course of avalance safety in Kazakhstan, member of ski-mo expeditions in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. 

My name is Alexander, I was born and grew up in Almaty. In my teen’s ages, my father often drove me and my friends to the nature. A large and noisy company loaded into the old Russian “GAZ21” and moved outside the city, whether it was mountains, steppes or lakes, and after long walks, as it seemed at that moment, very often had a picnic near the fire. These moments are still in my memory. The spirit of travel has been close to me since my youth, and already at a more conscious age my interest in various kinds of adventures did not fade away, but became stronger. Alpine skiing gave me freedom and let to explore our mountains in the winter, and mountain bike expanded capabilities during the period, when the snow was gone. I accompanied tourists as a guide on various routes, the tours I participated to, were connected with different outdoor activities, such as skiing, trekking, cycling and even horseback riding. At the moment I am studying at the International Mountain Guiding School in Kyrgyzstan for a ski guide. I love traveling and have visited many interesting places in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Europe.

Daria Ponomaryova

Crazy adventurer in all of time and space..

Riding experience: 12 years

Rank: Aspirant skiing guide of KMGA guiding school

Merits: participant and prize-winner of freeride non-proffessional competitions in Kazakhstan and Russia, completed three courses in Russian school of ski technique ipmroving and one course of avalance safety in Kazakhstan, member of ski-mo expeditions in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, guiding in one of leading tour operating companies in Kazakhstan for 4 years, adventure outdoor projects developer. 

I’m Daria and from my childhood I have a craving for traveling. It all started, when in the second grade after school I passed my stop and went on a trolley bus further, to the final one, I wanted to see, what was ahead, on the other side of the city… My Mom instilled me love to sports and animals. With her submission, I started doing horse-riding, when I was 8 years old. This hobby smoothly flowed into a serious trainings with participation in competitions. Then I was passioned by wite water rafting and hiking in the mountains. Finally and irrevocably, I fell in love with the nature and mountains of my region as a student of «Turan University», where I studied in the specialty Tourism. There I also got acquainted with extreme sports, such as white-water rafting on rough rivers, rock climbing, mountaineering, snowboarding and mountain biking. There was a long period in my life, when I was addicted by traveling, and I went to South- East Asia by hitch-hiking to learn more about myself and the world around me. This experience helped to improve my knowledge of English language and understand, that my efforts to find the happiness and inner harmony in roaming and changing locations are completely pointless, I need to look for these internal states deeply inside myself, and during the course of meditation in Myanmar, I realized my role in life . I decided to devote myself to the study of my native land, its culture, history, and, applying my experience as a traveler, athlete and tourist, to start a professional activity in the tourism industry. Now I am studying as a skiing guide at the International School of Mountain Guides in Kyrgyzstan (KMGA, member of IFMGA) and at the same time developing and popularizing the culture of freeride skiing and snowboarding in Kazakhstan, working as a guide, supervising and organizing various kinds of active tour programs related to extreme sports and adventures. In my free time I like practicing yoga, go on long trekkings, ride my bicycle and travel. All my trips are mainly connected with mountains and skiing, every year I try to visit a new region or country, where I can meet close-minded people, learn something new and exchange experiences. My main motto in life is to be inspired by every moment of life, learn something new every day, improve myself, expand the boundaries of the possible, think positively, love what I do and do what I love.

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